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261005 - Electric-Tjanting, Bowl Ø 35mm, spout Ø 0,5 mm

Electrical soldering iron, of which the point of the soldering iron is replaced by a tjanting batik cup. The wax is melting in the batik cup, takes approx. 3 min., and allows a consistent and continuing work. The moment the spout touches the working surface the wax is flowing, this prevents the wax from dropping to undesirable places. After use you should pull the power plug. The bended spout results in fine lines.


Technical information:

- Tjanting tool with soldering iron

- 220V/30W or 110V/20W

- Brass wax bowl, spherical, Ø 35 mm, die-cast-aluminium

- Spout, bended, Ø 0.5mm

- Support Total Length: approx. 270 mm, supply line approx.85 cm

- Weight: 300 g


This tjanting tool, bowl can be ordered with: two or three spouts, each spout may have different spout Ø or same spout Ø


Barcode EAN 13:

4022505 261058

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